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Street Furniture is a collective term for structures placed on streets for various purposes, including signs, benches, shelters, phone booths, street lamps, taxi stands, and waste bins.

The Dubai Air-Conditioned Bus Shelter project is Right Angle’s current Street Furniture project, providing the city’s first campaignable Street Furniture advertising network to local and regional advertisers.

Right Angle’s Dubai Bus Shelters….

  • Provide you with a dual format advertising medium (Top Mega Panel and FSU)
  • Link all consumers regardless of their prime media choice
  • Generate attention 24 hours a day, every day
  • Effectively generate brand recall and awareness
  • Reach all geographical areas and socio economic levels
  • Provide high frequency due to an increasingly mobile population
  • Can provide accountability with its ongoing third-party commissioned research
  • Are easy to plan and buy

Landmarks span across Dubai and connecting these and the lives of commuters is our unique package – CITILINK.

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