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Right Angle Media unveils regional growth strategy

Dec 08, 2009

Pioneers of world’s first air-conditioned bus queue shelters to tap vast potential in UAE and Middle East & North Africa region
Total investments in Dubai to rise by additional AED 700 million over contract period of next 10 years
Additional investment outlay of AED 250 Million in 2010 for regional growth strategy

Right Angle Media, the pioneering Out-of-Home media company today unveiled an ambitious regional growth strategy beyond its existing commitment to the Dubai Air-Conditioned Bus Shelter project totaling over AED 1 Billion.

The additional investment plan is part of a long-term drive by Right Angle Media to tap the vast potential that exists in the UAE and MENA region for innovative Out-of-Home media solutions. It has already invested over AED 350 million in the UAE in launching the world’s first air-conditioned bus queue shelters in Dubai. The company plans to substantially increase its investment outlay in the region including an additional AED 250 million in the year 2010 for public infrastructure and street furniture projects in the MENA region.

At present, Right Angle Media, which started operations in January 2006, has a total outlay of over 900 air-conditioned bus shelters in over 650 locations in Dubai under an exclusive arrangement with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The project is scheduled to run for 10 years on a DBOT (Design, Build, Operate, Transfer) basis. The company also holds First Right of Refusal for all future bus queue shelters to come up in Dubai.

As part of its regional strategy, Right Angle Media aims to operate over 3500 bus shelters by 2012. The company is also actively pursuing numerous other growth opportunities including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

Speaking at a press conference at The Monarch, Dubai to unveil the company’s future corporate direction, Mr. Ahmed Hashim Khoory, Chairman of Right Angle Media, said: “We are pleased with what we have achieved in the last three years. We have established a very successful model in the Out-of-Home media market, and have now set our sights on expanding across the region. We have a clear programme of significant investment and expansion over the next five years to become the No. 1 Out-of-Home media company in the UAE and the entire MENA region. We are actively looking at joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt”.

He added: “Our vision blends with the long-term goals of the UAE for the creation of a new, modern and prosperous country that will provide a world class infrastructure and rapid economic development. We wish to express our deep appreciation to the Government of Dubai, and our partners, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for their continued support to Right Angle Media. We have full confidence and faith in Dubai and our partners RTA”.

Mr. Patrick Chaundy, President and CEO of Right Angle Media, said: “Right Angle Media has achieved tremendous growth with its experience and expertise in the Out-of-Home media sphere. In spite of the global downturn, Right Angle Media vigorously pursued and achieved business goals, and continues to remain vibrant, as it embarks on an ambitious regional expansion phase in 2010. Based on extensive research that we have undertaken, we have identified that a vast potential exists in the region for a comprehensive Out-of- Home media solutions provider.

Right Angle has witnessed significant and positive results in the past 10 months of 2009. We have increased our brand count by 350% between Jan-Nov 2009. Occupancy has increased by 100% over the same period and revenues by 49%.”

“Today, we can proudly look back at our contribution towards Dubai’s public infrastructure, having pioneered the world’s most unique street furniture project. In fact, we are the only Out of Home media company to have substantially invested in public infrastructure in the UAE. The air-conditioned bus shelters have not only ushered in a new trend in commuter convenience, but also an innovative outdoor advertising medium. Our bus shelters have become a benchmark in street furniture projects in the region that reflects our expertise drawn from our many years of experience in the Out of Home industry”, Mr. Chaundy added.

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