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From an advertiser’s perspective, all media is capable of working and delivering; however, each medium works in different ways. The range of options available within the OOH sector provide for different levels of audience engagement and campaign use - from the tactical, location-driven, highly-targeted large format billboards to the campaignable, reach-building Street Furniture options - the skill is selecting the appropriate medium to match the campaign objectives that will ensure the advertising achieves the optimum results.

Benefits of OOH:

  • Captive audience – people cannot “switch it off” or “turn the page”
  • Generate attention with an unavoidable canvass
  • Deliver messages in the least fragmented media sector to a mass audience
  • Repeated exposure of your message to a highly mobile audience
  • Build brand awareness with 24-hour brand exposure
  • Reaches a large mobile audience and serves as the link between in-home advertising and point of purchase
  • Cost efficiency - low production cost and high reach gives OOH the lowest cost per thousand (CPT) views

Globally, Out-Of-Home advertising is expected to reach an annual revenue figure of USD 31 Billion by 2010. In the Middle East, UAE and Turkey are expected to generate highest growth, with expenditures in these markets, together, projected to reach USD 215 Million. In the Street Furniture advertising market alone, Middle East & Africa is expected to reach USD 65 Million by 2010.