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Across all media choices that exist today, only one is not subject to audience fragmentation – Out-Of-Home media.

In today’s increasingly busy lifestyles only one trait links everyone together – we each leave our home and venture to places of work, study, worship or shopping. Out-Of-Home media (OOH) is any type of media that reaches the consumer outside of the home or office. OOH media reaches its audience as an element of the everyday environment. It interacts on a level that is self-selective based on the creative intent.

Out-Of-Home media comprises of various formats:

  • Traditional Outdoor - billboards, bridge banners
  • Street Furniture - bus shelters, kiosks, benches
  • Alternative Outdoor - arenas & stadiums, digital
  • Transit Outdoor - buses, airports, taxis, truck sides

Out-Of-Home media can seamlessly fit into a media plan for a variety of purposes; from carrying the campaign on its own, to sustaining awareness and finally stemming erosion of the prime media use in a campaign. So, outdoor mediums fit well in media plans - be it in short bursts, drips, solo or for bridging the gaps between other campaigns.

Out-Of-Home works on the tried and tested principle of reach and frequency. However, at the same time, locations can be bought for specific and tactical purposes – promotions, sales, store directions - as a re-enforcement. After all, it is the only medium that is meant purely for advertising!