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It reaches everyone.
Out-Of-Home (OOH) media reaches all people as they go about their daily lives because it is always in the public domain.

Unlike other media, Out-Of-Home is not subject to audience fragmentation. It is not intrusive - it’s passive in reinforcing a message, affording the advertiser the ability to engage on multiple levels.

It can’t be switched off.
OOH is different from other media such as radio, television or newspapers, as it does not discriminate or target its consumers. People cannot ‘switch’ off OOH nor ‘throw it out’ – it has a captive audience. The right media weight, spread and creative executions can ensure recall and awareness of the message, as people are potentially travelling to where they can see or buy the advertised brands.

It’s measureable.
Out-Of-Home works on the tried and tested principle of REACH and FREQUENCY. However, at the same time, locations can be bought for specific and tactical purposes – promotions, sales, store directions - as a re-enforcement.

It’s versatile.
The range of options available within the OOH sector can offer different levels of audience engagement and campaign use. The large format billboards are tactical and location-driven; unipoles are highly targeted whereas street furniture is campaignable and reach-building.