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Street Furniture
Any item that provides a public benefit through infrastructure creation e.g. Bus Shelters

Mega Panel
The top Backlit panel of the Bus Shelter measuring H: 1200 mm x W: 6000 mm

The backlit Free Standing Unit included at each Bus Shelter location

Reach In Poster
Four internal display posters located on the rear panel of the Bus Shelter

Segregated Waste Collection Units (SWCU)
Three waste receptacles that allow for segregated waste collection by allowing Cans/Bottles and Paper/Cardboard to be placed in separate units from General Waste

The date that campaign billing and display commences from

The installation of posters on any display panel

Display Period
The minimum length of booking per style of display

The number of people who see the advertisement

The number of times a person sees the advertisement

The creation of the display posters

The electronic file used to create the posters

The length of time an advertising display is shown