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Street Furniture, apart from beautifying a city and providing utilitarian infrastructure, also serves the purpose of providing meaningful and accountable OOH media to advertisers. Street Furniture is an all-encapsulating term for benches, shelters, kiosks, post boxes, lamp posts, taxi stands, public toilets, recycling bins, and phone booths, to name a few. As a result of it having a dual purpose it becomes inextricably woven into the fabric of the city in which it is used.

Street Furniture ostensibly operates at eye-level; hence, providing clear visibility and closer ‘contact’ to the message. The very fact that viewers are either using the service or passing by also ensures that both mobile and static audiences are exposed to the medium and the message. This presents differing means of audience engagement.

The world’s first Air-Conditioned Bus Shelter network in Dubai is Right Angle’s current Street Furniture project, providing the city’s (and in fact the region’s) first and only campaignable Street Furniture advertising network to local and regional advertisers.

Other Street Furniture that Right Angle can develop and manage are –

Taxi Shelters Pedestrian Bridges
Public Utilities Street Benches
Information Kiosks Recycle Bins

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