800 RAOOH | info@rightangle.ae

Candidates for the Right Angle Creative Team should be capable of:

  • Communicating new ideas, technologies, methods and emerging trends as the industry evolves
  • Participating in creative strategies and making proactive recommendations in design, music and interactivity
  • Surfacing and recommending new and upcoming web techniques related to design and interactivity
  • Leading creative execution for on-line media
  • Initiating new programs, page design and methods of speaking to the consumer
  • Creating and presenting effective design/graphic solutions
  • Preparing and optimizing graphics for use
  • Carrying out production utilizing mainstream graphics and animation packages
  • Developing a thorough brand understanding
  • Organizing and managing content flow effectively
  • Designing and executing clear, creative, and up-to-date web pages for our customers
  • Contributing to the navigational and instructional design of websites

Please send CVs to jobs@rightangle.ae